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The Good Place Restaurant Dining Room
The Good Place Primary logo. A black circle with an egg and frying pan with a retro 50s font style

Fresh, Locally Sourced, Handcrafted Eats


Good Friends, Great Food

Farm-to-table without all the fluff. Elevated entrees sourced from local ingredients, served with everyday comfort. Dine where delicious meets down-to-earth. Unwind with quality you can taste, in a comfy place that feels just like your own. Welcome Home!

Home-Cooked Meals

Driven by a deep love for food and their community, a melting pot of friends with diverse restaurant backgrounds united in January 2023 to create The Good Place.

Their vision? Modern, approachable fare that fosters connection. Here, wholesome dishes are crafted from scratch using the bounty of local ingredients—because at The Good Place, we believe food is at the heart of making memories and bringing people together.



Our Signature BBQ


The Good Menu

Explore our menu and discover our range of home-cooked meals, signature BBQ, and other specialty dishes made from scratch with love and care.

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Let's Be Friends!

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